The uncompromising in-car infotainment experience





How does an exclusive infotainment experience look and feel? What features are needed when you’re on the move? Since its start in 1950, Thaiyarnyon has remodelled Volkswagen commercial vehicles and other car brands, primarily for customers who require highly luxurious and ultra-comfortable mobility.


The task

All Thaiyarnyon vehicles are equipped with a 32-inch screen — ideal for both entertainment and remote working. We have collaborated closely with their engineering team to design the optimal user interface and digital experience that corresponds with their mission of being best-in-class. The result is a strikingly simple, seamless and intelligent infotainment system.  


Simplicity drives luxury

The design system created for the infotainment system is light, simple and elegant — made from expandable and modular cards with clear actions. Everything is in a blue colour scheme to convey the Thaiyarnyon brand experience.


A research-driven process

Our design team engaged in thorough design research to understand best practices within entertainment systems and business communication platforms. As a result, shifting seamlessly between work and play in a car has never been easier.


Bring your own device

Entering the car, you will be able to quickly connect your smartphone to the system via the mobile app and use your phone as a remote control — for browsing around in your files or managing what’s happening on the screen.

Sébastien Maleville, Global Design Director, JJD

“It has been a very smooth experience working with Thaiyarnyon’s engineering team who were very clear about the backend limitations and very open to new possibilities. In the design, we paid great attention to the hierarchy of information and readability through the interplay between clear interaction areas and high contrast iconography. Since the app embeds a variety of complex features, we needed to ensure the navigation for the passenger was simple and functional, but also smooth and enjoyable to use.”


Lean back and breathe

The entire system is designed to counter the hectic traffic of urban Thailand — celebrating the theme of travelling through subtle use of colours and nature imagery.

Design meets engineering

The comprehensive UI library containing all design components made the collaboration between designers and engineers run smoothly — fusing the process with pace and an efficient way of trying out ideas.



It’s on the road

The in-car experience is now implemented in all Thaiyarnyon vehicles, enabling their customers to get a fully branded experience — both when it comes to physical interior and digital immersion.

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