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Gense is one of the world’s largest and most renowned producers of high quality cutlery and flatware. With Norm, they are now introducing a series of products that are a testament to Nordic design; clean-cut, elegant and sleek.

The task

While you may think that creating cutlery is like reinventing what’s already done, the truth is quite the contrary. To find the perfect shape and experience, our design team and Gense went through multiple iterations using 3D printing as the core tool. The result is a range of award-winning cutlery, recognised by its subtle, yet unique features.


Rediscovering ergonomics

While some would think that a rounded cutlery design is the most ergonomic, our testing shows that the grip improves through slight edges in the design. Norm uniquely combines that thought with a well-balanced, Nordic design language.



Sleek aesthetics

Norm is made from brushed steel to provide a surface that is both sleek, raw and real at the same time.


Rigorous and rapid testing

Like any of our design processes, the work for Gense was iterative — rapidly testing out various designs with real users to create a shape that is just right.

To lower the cost and time related to testing, we 3D-printed models to test and measure. The process was characterised by constantly changing details and going as quickly as possible from drawings on a screen to real life models.


Award-winning design

Since its launch, the combination of carefully crafted ergonomics and Nordic aesthetics has proven successful: Norm recently won a Red Dot Design Award as part of the 2022 ceremonies.

Red Dot Design Award 2022

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